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Praise for Strange Guts: American Septic

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"...Strange Guts: American Septic is incredibly funny. You’ll find yourself laughing out loud at the humor..."

Scott Hallam -

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Over 100 original black & white funny and gory cartoons!

Available in print and digital!

Strange Guts: American Septic is a hilarious and disgusting collection of cartoons. It’s the Far Side meets Friday the 13th! Sure to please the most hardcore horror fan or anyone who enjoys a good disemboweling. Not for the faint of heart, weak of stomach or those lacking a sense of humor.

​"A series of darkly hilarious, gore-sodden comic one-offs in which a new character is introduced each page. Unspeakable violence and imaginative depravity follows suit, usually borne out of a wildly outlandish and hard not to laugh at scenario." Jake Dee -

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"Strange Guts is a red-blooded horror fan's answer to Peanuts, replacing the cute dog with explosively funny gore. I love it."

Andrea Albin -

"...this is definitely something you want to seek out and indulge in. The artwork is fantastic, the situations imaginative, with the blood-splatter on endless supply."

Jake Dee -