Photoshop Paintings

Average price $200 - $300

Much like the Photoshop Illustrations - I can create any style for any project. Generally priced at $200 but increases with complexity. Click to contact

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Large Cartoons

Average price $100 - $200

Cartoons that fill the average magazine page. Price will vary depending on requirements. Style can range from simple/humorous to illustrative/serious. Click to contact

Small Cartoons

Average price $50 - $150

Single-panel humorous cartoons are my specialty. I can turn them around quickly. Price depends on size, complexity, and choice of B&W or color. Click to contact

Complex Cartoons

Average price $200

This would be cartoons a bit more involved than just the spot illustrations above. For B&W - price drops to $150. Click to contact

Knucklehead for Hire

I'm available for all sorts of work - providing it is legal and pays at least something (no pro bono, no spec work, no "I'll pay you when this [insert project here] makes its first million"). I'm fairly inexpensive - just happy to be creative and productive. And it doesn't need to be horror - I can work in any genre or style. They don't all have to be cute and cartoony either.

Photoshop Illustrations

Average price $150 - $250

Whether it's a magazine cover, a book cover, or anything else - I can create any illustration to meet your needs. Price does not include cost of stock images. Click to contact

Drawn of The Dead Horror Cartoons And Illustrations