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Dying for a laugh? LAST LAUGHS: Gallows Humor is an illustrated comedy book from the creators of Girls and Corpses Magazine and Strange Guts. This 124 page full color book is packed with insanely dark comedy single panel cartoons from the disturbed minds of Robert "Corpsy" Rhine and illustrator Brian J. Orlowski. Gallows humor takes something hopeless and makes it humorous. Death, war, crime, illness, torture are all fodder for funny. Gallows humor is a necessary evil to help us process the most bleak, traumatic moments of life and overcome our deepest grief and even repulsion. There's something about things that should not make us laugh that can be very funny. Gallows humor is a daily part of the jobs of ambulance drivers, cops, morticians, firemen and the military going back to the earliest and bloodiest wars.

Where's there's smoke, there's fire and... funny.

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