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The Deific Dozen

A madman's parody of The Da Vinci Code


It has long been suspected that aliens have watched over us, interacted with us, and even tinkered with our nether regions. But until now, no one was brave enough to bring forth the truth about the connection between modern religion and aliens from another galaxy! Was Jesus given secret information from travelers from outer space? Were most of the major discoveries throughout history like the the pyramids and the recipe for KFC chicken provided by spacemen? Who are the Twelvists and what is this secret society hiding? Why are Scientologists so darn nutty? All these questions are almost answered and semi-logically explained in an enlightening, thrilling, and comedic journey anyone with half a brain should read.​

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Praise for Deific Dozen

"...this book is simply mad, crazy, hilarious! I think it will be a book you either love or hate!"

Bill Ward - Author - Revenge

"...very funny - at times hilarious..."

Dan Loubier - Author - Dead Summit

"...What a wild ride! It is never boring."

Scott Spotson - Author - Bridge Through Time

"This book is laugh out loud funny. Tells a great story and one you'll remember long after you've read it. I couldn't even tell a friend about after reading it because I was laughing too hard."

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