Here are a few of past companies, organizations, and clients that I have done work for:

Girls & Corpses Magazine

DeadLights Magazine

Foxtrail Film Productions

NFTS Film Productions

Paramount Pictures

Valiant Comics

US Army

T.R. Film Productions

Doorways Magazine

Wicked Karnival Magazine

And dozens more!

Clients - Past & Present

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Drawn of The Dead Horror Cartoons And Illustrations

Brian J. Orlowski was born at the crappy end of the 60’s to an over-bearing father and a coddling mother and a wardrobe of plaid pants. He was considered a prodigy in his early years; a moniker he immediately set out to disprove with great success. His teenage years consisted of being fat, having a Kirk Cameron mullet, and wallowing in unpopularity.

An avid fanatic of all things film and television; Brian would write a great deal of nothing worth printing and has kept at it to this day. In the late 80’s and early 90’s, Brian became a stand-up comic and performed over a hundred times across northern New Jersey with famous names like Uncle Floyd and, well, just Uncle Floyd. Brian almost received a degree in Fine Arts at the local community college and eked out a graduation from the prestigious Joe Kubert School of Cartooning and Graphic Arts.

Brian currently has four published books, Strange Guts: American Septic, The Deific Dozen, Spooky Train and Last Laughs. Strange Guts is a gory and humorous collection of over 100 single-panel cartoons that has been described as The Far Side meets The Evil Dead. His first novel, The Deific Dozen, is an irreverent and hilarious parody of The Da Vinci Code—proving the existence of aliens in the Bible, examining the alien influence in pop culture, and exposing the funny and dark underbelly of Scientology. And, finally, there is Brian’s first children’s book, The Spooky Train—illustrated by Brian, and co-written with author Daniel Loubier, The Spooky Train is a tale of acceptance, helping others, and the fun of Halloween. Last but not least is Last Laughs: Gallows Humor - over 10 years worth of collaboration with mad genius Rober S. Rhine (editor and publisher of Girls & Corpses magazine). On the horizon for 2018 is his new book entitled, Parade of Horribles, a collection of over a hundred multi-panel comic strips with recurring characters that combine humor and horror in a daily comic strip format.

Brian stills resides in the same New Jersey town he grew up in and every day prays that he escapes before he dies. He lives at home with his wife, Anna, along with a large, stinky dog, Abigail, and an antisocial cat named Buddy. One day he hopes his dreams will be fulfilled, his career will skyrocket, money will flow in, his years of perseverance will pay off and prove his worth as a contributor to the art and horror community, and on that day a bus will hit him.​

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